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1903 to Present

1903- Central School Opened

1930's - Soup Kitchen

1935- Tucumcari District United States Army Corps of Engineers

1936- 1937 Hospital

1942- Glider School

1965- School Closes

1969- Tucumcari Historical Research Institute (Museum)- Opened


















Tucumcari Visitors Guides Write Up

"The Tucumcari Historical Museum houses thousands of items located on three floors of a 1903 school house. Forty-five thousand square feet of native landscaped grounds paint a picture of early western life in this area from cowboy memorabilia to pioneer kitchens, from old-time nickelodeons to Indian artifacts dating back to 12,000 B.C. With four outdoor and indoor exhibits arranged in story telling fashion and with care to details, visitors can walk away feeling that they fully know Tucumcari's past."

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