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F-100 Super Sabre

The North American F-100 Super Sabre was  super sonic het fighter aircraft that served with the United States Airforce from 1945-1971 and with the Air National Guard until 1979. The jet was capable of exceeding 760mph in level flight. There were about 2,294 F100 produced. During the life time of the F100 889 of them were destroyed in accidents with 324 piolets dying. 

There are 17 F100-As that are left for display in the United States one being the one  our museum has. 

Manufactured by North American  Aviation, Inglewood, California, May 19, 1955 and dropped from inventory by transfer to Museum status September 1966. 

Stanley Jennings and Army Brigadier General Si Reid help THRI obtain one of the 17. The F100 we have on our grounds was brought by helicopter from Santa Fe in 1969 landing at Tucumcari Airport and taken by truck to Tucumcari Park. However the aircraft was being vandalized at that location son in 1980 THRI took possession of the F100A and worked on getting it restored.



In the corner is the M-117 90 mm Air Defense Anti-Aircraft Gun. It sat on the ground and was used to fire at incoming aircraft.

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