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                             THE COWBOY ROOM

Here you will see an old "bootleg" whiskey still that was found on Mesa Redonda, twelve miles south of the highway. You will also find an old bathing tub, various saddles, tons of old boots, the  evolution of barbed wire, and different local brands and branding irons. You will also see rodeo memorabilia and other interesting artifacts from that time. The cowboy room is dedicated to the memory of local cowboy and ranch foreman, Ralph Bonds. As a young cowboy Ralph had started working for the Bell Ranch, located just north of Concha's Dam in San Miguel County, until 1947 when the Bell Ranch was divided up. Frank Chappel bought 39,000 acres, naming his ranch Chappel-Spade Ranch, and hired Ralph as his foreman. Ralph retired in the early 1970's. ( More information can be found in the Bell Ranch book on the main floor)

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