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Museum Store


Our store is filled with gifts locally made and books written by local authors as well as books written about the old west. (See below for list of books we carry.)



Quay County New Mexico 1903-2003 A Pictorial History by: Mary Ann Moncus 

Kit Carson and the First Battle of Adobe Walls by: Alvin R Lynn

Quay County Cemetery A Memorial To the Past by: Betty & Jack White

Mama's Milkin' by: Jimmie Joe Jester

Railroad Memories (Tucumcari Railroad Commemorative Cookbook)

Fort Bascom by: James Bailey Blackshear

In the Canyon of Ancient Dreams by: Debra Ann Whittington

Sarah's Secret: A Western Tale of Betrayal and Forgiveness by: Beverly Scott

2 for 6 on Historic Route 66 by: Debra Whittington

In the Shadow of the Mountain by: Debra Whittington

A Walker Trilogy by: Daisy Ann Walker Palmer

Bell Ranch Recollections and Memories by: Martha Downer Ellis

Bell Ranch Glimpses by: Martha Downer Ellis


Tucumcari by: Patrick Parks


I Never Called Myself a Cowboy by: Jim Keith


Drive-Ins of Route 66 by: by Michael Kilgore (Author), David Knudson (Foreword) 

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